Islamic Mediation

“If two parties among the Believers fall into a quarrel, make you peace between them” (Al-Hujurat 49: 9/10)

Our Sharia Law Specialist Provide Dispute Resolution & Counselling

We realise that for many people, an unhappy marital situation does not have to end in divorce. Many of our clients wish to avoid having to obtain a Sharia divorce and would like to attempt reconciliation. This is where Islamic mediation can be invaluable.

Mediation is a meeting between two parties, with an impartial mediator who ensures that both parties are heard and understood. In mediation, you make your own decisions, which can avoid confrontational and costly legal action. A mediator can help identify and resolve disagreements and misunderstandings so that a couple can negotiate these issues and find a way forward, together.

Experts in Islamic Mediation

We can provide you with access to male and female specialists in Islamic mediation and arbitration to try and reconcile your marriage. If mediation is not successful, our solicitors can arrange your Sharia divorce if this is the most suited and desirable solution

Our Islamic mediators are also at hand for any other disputes observant Muslims may wish to resolve, including business and family disputes. Furthermore, we can provide immediate support anywhere in the UK from our offices in Manchester and London.

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Do not hesitate to contact Carter Law directly if you require Islamic mediation services to resolve a dispute, family or otherwise. We offer our clients a range of Islamic legal services, so feel free to enquire about any other area where you may require

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