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Housing Law Solicitors – Tenants’ Rights Specialists

Carter Law’s team of housing law solicitors have a great deal of experience in handling a wide range of housing issues for our clients. We’ve provided expert advice to tenants, landlords and homeowners, ensuring that they are fully aware of their rights, and informed about the courses of action they can take should problems arise.

We understand that issues such as housing disrepair, rogue landlords, the threat of eviction or disputes with antisocial neighbours can be extremely traumatic, causing victims a great deal of stress. Our specialist housing lawyers are on hand to listen to your concerns and will take the time to understand the issues you’re facing. We’ll then offer you practical legal advice about the action that can be taken to resolve the issues, keeping you fully informed of the possible outcomes.

We understand your rights as a tenant and can help you argue your case with landlords, other tenants, neighbours, local authorities and housing associations. If necessary we will issues court proceedings on your behalf and provide you with strong representation.

Housing Law & Tenants’ Rights Lawyers Serving Manchester

Housing Disrepair Cases

If you rent your home and it is in a state of disrepair and your landlord, housing association or local authority is not taking corrective action after being notified of the issue, then our housing disrepair team can help you take action. We can ensure that adequate repairs are carried out and you receive and compensation that is due to you.

In some cases, the negligence of your landlord in failing to repair damage can cause further issues. For example, if your personal property was damaged by a water leak you may be entitled to compensation to reimburse you for your ruined possessions.

Tenants Rights Lawyers

Furthermore, you may also be eligible to claim compensation if your landlord or property owner’s negligence has caused you injury, health problems or exacerbated existing health problems. For example, if mould in your home has induced or worsened a respiratory illness, then your landlord could well be held liable for your health condition.

Cavity Wall Insulation Claims

If you are experiencing damp, mould and mildew growth, higher than expected heating bills, aggravated health complaints or damaged brickwork, this could well be the result of being mis-sold or the incorrect installation of cavity wall insulation. Our expert surveyors can help identify the cause of the deterioration in your home, even if you were not the person who paid for the installation.

Cavity wall insulation was installed in many homes throughout the United Kingdom, despite it being largely ineffective and often causing structural problems for buildings. We are seeing an increasing number of homeowners now come forward after the insulation that was fitted to their property years ago has started to cause serious and expensive problems.

Carter Law Can Also Assist with the Following Housing Law Issues;

  • Possession proceedings for rent arrears
  • Possession proceedings for mortgage arrears
  • Antisocial and Nuisance Neighbours
  • Revenge Evictions
  • Harassment by landlords
  • Illegal eviction cases
  • Homelessness
  • Council Housing allocation and transfer applications
  • Tenancy deposit scheme and dispute

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