Asthma Claims

Expert help for asthma claims

Asthma is a condition caused by your body reacting to exposure to dust, vapours, gases and fumes, which can cause breathing difficulties as a result of the airways narrowing. If this condition has been caused by your work environment, you could suffer from life-long – and potentially life-threatening – effects, but our occupational asthma solicitors are on your side to secure the result you deserve.

The facts about occupational asthma

Some people are more badly affected than others, in other case the asthma can subside over time and for some they need to take medication to control their asthma for the rest of their lives. Asthma attacks can be frightening and life-threatening experiences where your airways become inflamed and it becomes difficult to breathe.

Occupational asthma symptoms can be caused by something in the air at work. However, it can often be difficult to link your asthma with workplace activities, as in some cases symptoms may not appear until several hours later. In other instances, you may find that your symptoms improve when you are away from work, but many sufferers have a previous asthma issue which can make it difficult when diagnosing the cause.

How Carter Law can help with your asthma claim

Your employer has a legal responsibility to minimise the exposure to such substances, and where this is not possible, to provide the necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to prevent the inhalation of them.

If you believe that you have been exposed to a substances at work which has caused you to develop asthma you may be entitled to make an asthma compensation claim. We will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you deserve and give you all the support you need to make improvements to your life.

Your dedicated solicitor always has your best interests at heart and will keep you up to date with the progress of your claim, answering any questions you may have in plain English.


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