Hearing Loss Claims

Hearing loss claims made simple

Most of us take our hearing for granted. However, those who have suffered hearing loss due to their working life know just how precious it is. Suffering hearing loss can have devastating consequences for workers and their entire families, affecting their ability to find work. Our hearing loss solicitors have helped many people get the compensation they deserve after not being adequately protected by their employers.

Noise in the workplace

Some working environments may cause people to lose their hearing over a period of time due to excessive exposure to noise, or as a result of an extremely loud sudden sound which may take years to become apparent. This is often referred to as Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) or Industrial Deafness.

If you work in a noisy environment you are likely to get used to the noise levels and may not even think that it is a problem. However, noise levels in such environments can cause a permanent hearing impairment. Employees are particularly at risk in industries where noisy machinery is used, such as shipbuilding, coal mining, car manufacturing, metal manufacturing, engineering, road drilling or other factory environments.

How we can help

Your employer should provide you with adequate noise-reduction equipment, provide you with instructions on its proper use, and organise breaks from noise exposure to protect you from noise-induced hearing loss.

If you feel your hearing has deteriorated you may be entitled to claim for compensation.We will always recommend that you contact your GP to diagnose noise damage. Alternatively, Carter Law can arrange a medical assessment for you if we take on your case.

Expert help to put you at ease

You don’t need to worry about making a claim against your employer, as they are covered by insurance that pays out such claims. This means you don’t have to worry about you or your workmates being out of work.

We believe that you should be able to work in a safe environment without the fear of illness or injury. Our hearing loss solicitors know the challenges you and your family are facing and have the expertise to fight for your rights in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

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