Medical Negligence Solicitors in Manchester

Medical Negligence Solicitors in Manchester

When you need medical treatment, you put your well-being and trust into the hands of medical professionals. Unfortunately, sometimes people suffer as a consequence of poor medical care and the negligence of a healthcare professional, which can have serious consequences. That’s when a medical negligence claim can be made.

Claim for Medical Negligence Compensation

Carter Law’s team of medical negligence solicitors in Manchester have a track record of success, helping our clients win medical negligence claims for a wide variety of procedures and treatments.  When your health has been negatively affected due to the malpractice of the negligence of a trusted professional, you may feel upset and traumatised. Our solicitors are friendly and approachable, and they understand the stresses you may feel at such a difficult time.

Our ethos is to be your friend-in-law; you can trust us and feel confident in our solicitor’s representation when discussing a medical negligence claim.

Our Medical Malpractice & Negligence Solicitors are Experts in;

The first step in getting you the result you deserve is for us to understand fully the impact the medical malpractice has had on your life. Our medical negligence lawyers will take a detailed account of your situation and obtain full copies of your medical notes. If you wish to claim for medical negligence, we need to ensure that any award will cover you not only for the suffering you have already endured, but will also cover any future needs.

Your fully qualified medical negligence claim advisor will be able to give you clear, honest advice about your case and is on your side to secure you the very best outcome for you and your family. At every stage of the process, you can expect professional, sympathetic service and your lawyer will keep you informed of any developments in simple, plain English, so that you are always in control of your claim and understand all development.

Our clinical & medical negligence solicitors can provide immediate legal representation and rehabilitation anywhere in the UK from our offices in Manchester and London. We can also offer home and hospital visits.

Receive the Best Standard of Care & Attention from our Manchester based Medical Malpractice Solicitors

Medical practitioners have a duty of care towards you. If you have been let down by your GP, hospital, cosmetic surgeon or any other negligent healthcare professional, we can get you the answers you deserve. We will help you receive an apology, an explanation, and help prevent others from suffering from the same ill-treatment. We can also help you get your life back on track by securing medical compensation to help you with recovery and treatment costs.

There is also often a reluctance to seek legal advice when it comes to medical malpractice claims, with victims feeling that they have no right to question the care of medical experts. However, if you have suffered avoidable harm as a result of medical professionals failing to carry out their responsibilities, you have every right to claim for your loss and suffering.

Our experienced team of Manchester based medical negligence solicitors have expertise in helping people in this position. They understand the conflicting feelings you may have. Our team are here to offer you support and legal advice so you are made aware of every option open to you.

Calculating Your Medical Negligence Compensation

Carter Law always aims to get you the maximum amount of compensation as quickly as possible.

In doing so, we will talk with you to determine what financial support you will need to live comfortably again. Our clinical negligence solicitors will also review your medical records and arrange an independent medical examination. If you have been unable to work as a result, we can also put together your claim for loss of earnings.

We will then negotiate a settlement for your past, present and future pain and suffering and any financial losses. If we feel it is necessary to take more robust and professional action, we can instigate court proceedings on your behalf.

No Win, No Fee Clinical Malpractice Claims

Our clinical & medical negligence claims are funded by a Conditional Fee Agreement. This means there is no financial risk to you in pursuing your claim. Our No Win, No Fee Solicitors ensure all our clients receive access to justice regardless of their financial position. If you do not win your case, you do not pay a penny. There are no upfront fees or unexpected costs

Contact Our Manchester Office to Start Your Clinical Malpractice Claim

Do not hesitate to contact Carter Law if you wish to discuss your claim with one of our medical negligence solicitors in Manchester. With offices in London too, we offer our services throughout the UK and we’re willing to take on any case, no matter how complex. Talk to your friends in law today and get the legal representation you deserve.

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