Islamic Divorce Solicitors

Muslim Lawyers & Islamic Legal Services

Here at Carter Law Solicitors our team of in-house Muslim Lawyers are on hand to offer sharia-compliant legal services to our clients who wish to conduct their legal matters in accordance with their faith.

Muslim Lawyers & Islamic Legal Services

We can assist you with a range of legal services that are fully compliant with both sharia law and the British legal system.

Many legal firms often advertise Islamic Solicitors and Legal Services, but very few can provide the same service that Carter Law offers.

We Have an In-House Team of Urdu Speaking Solicitors

Our Muslim lawyers are in-house and on-site during our office hours; we don’t send our Islamic cases to third parties or another firm as we’re fully equipped to provide you with the service you require.

Furthermore, our team is multi-lingual, meaning if you’d rather discuss matters in Urdu, Punjabi, Bangladeshi or Arabic, we can accommodate your needs. We also have solicitors on-site who speak a range of European languages too.

Islamic Solicitors & Sharia Compliant Legal Services

In addition to our team of solicitors who’ll provide you with the sharia-compliant legal advice and guidance you require, we also work closely with the Sharia Council of Great Britain and respected Islamic Scholars.

This ensures that all our Islamic legal services are approved by authoritative bodies for their compliance with Islamic teachings. Carter Law is the clear choice for observant Muslims who wish to ensure they adhere to the principles of their faith when dealing with legal matters.

Islamic Legal Services Tailored to Your Needs

All our services are carefully tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual client. When it comes to Islamic legal services we’ll ensure your case is compliant with both Sharia and British law.

Furthermore, with experienced family and immigration solicitors on our team, you can rely on us to assist you with an extensive range of legal matters.

Contact Our Muslim Lawyers Today

If you require the services of a Muslim lawyer, then please do not hesitate to contact Carter Law directly. With offices in both Manchester and London, we’re able to offer our Islamic legal services to clients throughout the UK.

To arrange a consultation with a Sharia-compliant Islamic
solicitor, please call us on 0844 414 0667