International Will Writing & Probate

Living and working offshore has its advantages. However, if you have assets located in more than one country, it is important to note that your savings and property may not be protected unless you have made an international Will. Carter Law offers an international will writing service to ensure that your affairs are in order, no matter whereabouts in the world you reside. With experienced international probate solicitors on-hand to oversee the processes, you can rest assured that the future for your family will be secure.

Ensuring Overseas Wills & Probates are Handled Correctly

If you do not leave a valid Will in your own country, then it could take your family much longer to administer your estate. Plus, if you have foreign assets or are an expat and die without leaving an internationally recognised will, your loved ones could face complex legal problems and international probate which may remain unresolved for many years.

International Probate & Will Writing Services

How your estate is distributed depends on the country in which you are domiciled and where your foreign assets are situated. Your foreign property will be dealt with in accordance with the laws of the country which they are in. Probate laws can vary greatly from country to country.

All this can be avoided by making an international Will with Carter Law. Our international Will writing solicitors will help you protect your important assets offshore, as well as assets in your home country.

At Carter Law, we offer a very personal service; we know that there is no such thing as a standard Will. Our specialist international will writers and foreign property lawyers will take your detailed instructions and tailor your international will to your wishes. Carter Law also benefits from our international office in Lahore.

We understand the difficulties which can arise by disputed Wills and estates. All our international Wills are checked by our legal professionals to ensure that they are legally binding and give you the assurance that they accurately reflect your wishes.

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