Will Writing in Manchester

Sadly, many problems can arise if you die without leaving a valid Will, yet only one-third of adults leave a will expressing their wishes. Our will writing solicitors in Manchester can help you plan the transfer of your estate and wealth. We will ensure that your chosen beneficiaries inherit your estate, that you make adequate provisions for your children, and that your Will is tax-efficient.

A Dedicated Will Writing Service

Ensuring that your affairs are in order after you pass is essential. Many who do not leave a will can inadvertently cause a host of problems for their family and loved ones, who’ll be struggling with the dual burden of grief and the stress of dealing with your affairs.

We understand that dwelling upon on your own mortality isn’t necessarily a pleasant experience, but you’ll find that our dedicated will-writing service is friendly and not at all daunting. We’ll talk you through everything you need to know, without the confusing legal jargon.

Manchester Based Will Writers

At Carter Law, we offer a highly personalised will writing service because we know that there is no such thing as a standard Will. Our specialist Will writers in Manchester will take your detailed instructions and tailor your Will to your wishes.

We can also help you protect your children by setting up suitable trusts, for example, to allow assets and income to be used for your children. Our tax planning solicitors will also advise you on the tax consequences of your wishes, presenting you with options so you can make informed decisions.

 Five Reasons Why You Need a Will;

  1. Ensure your wealth is distributed according to your wishes
    If you do not leave a Will, then your wealth will be distributed in shares defined by Law, which may not be the way you want.
  1. Protect your children
    Ensure your children do not lose out on your inheritance. You can also appoint suitable guardians to look after your children.
  1. Protect unmarried partners
    Unmarried partners may not receive anything from your estate unless you make a Will in their favour.
  1. Save your family unnecessary distress and disputes
    A Will lets you choose your own executors and avoids your closest family having to apply for ‘letters of administration’.
  1. Tax planning
    By leaving a tax-efficient Will you can ensure that your family is not faced with an excessive tax bill.

Avoid a Disputed Will

We understand the difficulties and tensions between families that can arise when a will is disputed. Our Wills are checked by our legal professionals to ensure that they are legally binding and give you the assurance that they accurately reflect your wishes. Rest assured that if you choose Carter Law’s will writing service, then the wishes you stipulate will be those that are carried out after you’re gone.

We do not recommend ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) Wills as these are often difficult to interpret and are often invalid, which causes the family added stress and complications. To avoid these complications, we recommend you use a specialist will writing solicitor.

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Do not hesitate to contact Carter Law if you’d like to speak to one of our specialist will writers in Manchester, or if you simply would like some additional information about our range of services.

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