Cohabitation Agreement Solicitors in Manchester

Cohabitation Agreements

Our experienced Manchester-based solicitors can form cohabitation agreements for your peace of mind.

Millions of people in the UK live together without being married or in a civil partnership, but when these relationships sadly end, many people are shocked to discover what they may (or may not) be entitled to under law.

Carter Law Will Assist You with a Cohabitation Agreement

Couples who have lived together for a long time may consider themselves ‘common law’ husbands and wives, but the law does not recognise this and so they may not automatically get their ‘fair share’ of joint assets.

With experienced family lawyers on hand, Carter Law can help you avoid this unfortunate situation.

Planning Ahead

We understand how upsetting this situation can be following the breakdown of a relationship. We also understand that planning ahead for the potential end of a relationship can be seen as negative thinking, but in a loving relationship, all parties should want to protect themselves and their partner from unnecessary pain.

Manchester Cohabitation Solicitors

Our cohabitation solicitors based in Manchester can help you put together a cohabitation agreement, which provides certainty and protects individual assets.

It will set out details such as who owns what at the start of a relationship, including bank accounts and property, and who will be responsible for bills and other costs throughout the duration.

A cohabitation agreement can also make provision for what will happen should the relationship end. It will make clear how equity in businesses and property will be divided and can be used to set up a formal arrangement for maintenance for any children involved.

Expert Cohabitation Agreements Advice

It’s important that both parties understand and are happy with the terms of a cohabitation agreement to avoid any hurt feelings or confusion.

You may feel uneasy about bringing up the subject in case your partner is offended, but your dedicated cohabitation law solicitor has vast experience in putting all parties at ease and explaining the benefits of an agreement in clear, simple terms.

Popularity of Cohabitation Agreements

Cohabitation agreements are becoming increasingly popular with people wanting to know where they stand, as a legally binding document like this gives peace of mind that no one will be left out of pocket.

Our cohabitation solicitors give you that protection, but if you have suffered the breakdown of a relationship and now wish to challenge the terms of an existing cohabitation agreement, or if your partner is not fulfilling the terms, we’ll be right by your side.

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Our cohabitation agreement solicitors in Manchester can draft cohabitation agreements for couples anywhere in the UK.

We tailor our services to your individual needs, so contact Carter Law if you’d like to speak to one of our cohabitation solicitors to discuss how we can help.

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