Domestic Violence Solicitors in Manchester

Our Solicitors Offer Help for Those Suffering from Domestic Violence

Our specialist domestic violence and abuse solicitors in Manchester understand that being in a relationship where violence occurs can have a devastating effect on entire families.

We know that if you are experiencing physical or emotional abuse, you may feel completely alone and that it is impossible to speak out. Carter Law’s expert domestic violence solicitors are here to help you take the first step in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Solicitors You Can Trust – We Put Your Wellbeing First

Our solicitors have the experience of helping many people in tremendously difficult situations, putting their interests first and providing expert support and advice. You can talk to us in confidence and trust us to treat your situation with utmost care.

The reality of domestic violence is that it manifests itself in numerous ways, all of which are equally damaging. Domestic abuse isn’t always physical and can occur in different ways, for example;

  • Restricting access to money
  • Exerting control
  • Inhibiting access to support networks such as family or friends
  • Verbal abuse

Apply for Injunctions & Restraining Orders through Manchester Based Solicitors

Our first priority is your safety. We can offer protective measures such as court orders and injunctions to prevent violence and threats, or an occupation order to stop someone coming into your home.

We provide responsive domestic abuse support and can take immediate action. Our solicitors in Manchester can help you quickly apply for restraining orders or injunctions against an abusive partner.

Further Practical Help

We can also put you in touch with support organisations that can offer further practical help. Your dedicated domestic abuse solicitor will explain all options available to you and understands the issues and pressures you will face.

You may feel in a completely hopeless situation, but help is always available. Carter Law will work tirelessly to protect you so that you and your family can break free of domestic violence and look forward to a brighter future.

Some of the protections which can be offered to you include:

Non-molestation Orders

A non-molestation order will prevent someone from being violent or threatening violence against you or your child, or from molesting them. It also protects against intimidation, harassment, or pestering.

Extra protection is available from the police. Breaching this order is now a criminal offence.

For your safety, our domestic abuse solicitors can help you make an application without the other person being informed of your actions until after the court order has been served.

Occupation Orders

In situations where protection is needed, the court can also make an order limiting and defining the occupation of your home.

So for example, it can prohibit the other person from entering the home at all, or coming into your bedroom, even if he or she is the legal owner of that home.

Our Solicitors’ Advice

Every case is different. Here are some of the steps our solicitors advise people to think about in the event of domestic abuse:

  • Report any incidents to the police
  • Go to your GP if you have been assaulted
  • Ask a trusted friend to take photographs of any injuries
  • If abusive messages are left on your telephone, keep the messages
  • Make diary notes so that you can recall the dates and incidents

These can all be important pieces of evidence if you decide to apply to court for protection.

Contact Carter Law Solicitors of Manchester for Support with Domestic Violence

Our domestic violence solicitors in Manchester have years of experience and understand the difficulties you may be experiencing. We ensure you receive the support you need.

If you require impartial advice from our domestic abuse solicitors or information about restraining orders and injunctions don’t hesitate to contact Carter Law. We’ll be happy to discuss your situation and options in total confidentiality.

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