Mediation & Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Mediation & Dispute Resolution

Many of our clients wish to find alternative ways to resolving a family dispute rather than pursuing a divorce or separation.

In these situations, our specialist family mediation solicitors are able to draw up many years of experience in working with separating couples to help resolve your family disputes amicably.

Reach Resolution with Carter Law’s Mediation Solicitors

Our mediation solicitors are accredited by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and are trained to provide dispute resolution services, including divorce mediation.

We can support couples through mediation and through the collaborative process. If mediation is not successful, our family law solicitors will inform you of your options and can also arrange your divorce if that is the most suitable and desired solution.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Dispute resolution is a cost-effective way of resolving a dispute as an alternative to Court and many disputes do resolve this way. Our mediation and dispute resolution solicitors will provide you with a constructive atmosphere with the primary aim of reaching an acceptable agreement and moving things forward.

Manchester Based Specialists in Divorce & Family Mediation

Some of the dispute resolution methods our solicitors may use include:

  • Mediation: Our family law solicitors are trained mediators. If you choose mediation, you will work as a couple with the mediator to resolve issues.
  • Collaborative Law: The couple each have access to a trained collaborative solicitor who would assist you in maintaining control of the situation and will provide legal advice. We will encourage commitment to a problem-solving process and full disclosure of relevant facts and information.
  • Roundtable Meetings: Our specialist family law solicitors will provide tailored legal advice and sit around the negotiating table in a straightforward and robust negotiating settlement with your former partner and their solicitor.

Contact us to Arrange Mediation & Dispute Resolution Services

If you require dispute resolution or mediation services in Manchester, then do not hesitate to contact Carter Law. Furthermore, our solicitors can provide mediation services anywhere in the UK from our office in Manchester.

To arrange a consultation with a family law solicitor, please call us on 0844 414 0667