Islamic Divorce Manchester

We are Sharia Compliant Divorce Solicitors

At Carter Law we have a dedicated department specialising in Islamic divorces & family law in Manchester.

We understand how important your faith is to you, which is why we have a specialist Sharia Law Compliant solicitors available, who provide the highest level of service, fulfilling requirements of both your faith and English law.

With close ties with the Sharia Councils, you can trust Carter Law for provision of cost-efficient Islamic family law services.

A Sharia Family Law Team Dedicated to Helping You

Our Islamic family law solicitors in Manchester have been approved by one of the UK’s leading Muslim scholars, ensuring their adherence to Sharia law. We understand your culture and speak your language in order to get to know your needs and provide a truly personal service.

Our objective is to ensure complete peace of mind. With Sharia law experts based right here in our Manchester offices, we are ideally placed to offer sound, swift advice for all manner of areas of law.

Islamic Divorces in Manchester

Going through a divorce is never easy and can be a very emotional time, especially if children are involved. Our Sharia divorce solicitors have a wealth of experience representing Muslims seeking a divorce from their spouse.

We are here to be your support both legally and emotionally. Our female Sharia solicitors are often instructed by female clients who want a Khula (Sharia divorce), and legal representation through the process to ensure their rights are protected.

We are one of the first law firms in the UK to work closely with Sharia Councils to arrange a Sharia compliant divorce.

As with English Law both spouses are entitled to obtain an Islamic divorce. Since everyone’s circumstances are different, our Sharia solicitors will be able to look at your circumstances and offer you the best way to proceed.

We deal with cases involving:

Why are We Different from Other Islamic Family Law Solicitors?

Our Sharia compliant solicitors are on site;
Most firms who offer Sharia compliant services do not have a full time Sharia solicitor on board. At Carter Law we have Sharia family law solicitors working for us full time to offer you the best service possible when you need it.

We have Islamic Scholars at hand;
To ensure we provide you with complete peace of mind, we have Islamic Scholars who are renowned as community and religious authorities within the UK and abroad. We can call upon their expertise whenever required.

We speak your language;
Our Sharia Solicitors can speak English, Urdu or Punjabi to help provide you with a greater degree of personal legal advice.

Contact Our Islamic Divorce Solicitors in Manchester

If you have any questions about or range of Sharia compliant family law services, including Islamic divorce in Manchester, then do not hesitate to contact Carter Law. We are able to take on cases for Muslims throughout the UK.

We Currently Offer the Following Sharia Compliant Legal Services:

To arrange a consultation with a family law solicitor, please call us on 0844 414 0667