Sharia & International Divorce

Sensitive support from our solicitors if you are seeking a Sharia Divorce

Going through a divorce is never easy and can be a very emotional time for anyone, especially if children are involved. Our Sharia Divorce Solicitors are here to be your support both legally and emotionally.

An unrivalled Sharia Law Service

We are one of the first law firms in the UK that can arrange Islamic Divorce (Sharia Divorce) and we have worked closely with respected Sharia Councils and scholars.

Our Sharia Law specialist solicitors are able to offer you a service that will provide you with complete peace of mind.

Obtaining a Sharia Divorce

We understand the difficulty couples face in obtaining a Sharia Divorce and can ensure your legal rights are protected. As with English Law, both spouses are entitled to obtain a Sharia divorce.

Since everyone’s circumstances are different, our Solicitors will be able to look at your circumstances and offer you the best way to proceed.

We deal with cases involving:

  • Sharia Divorce – including Khula & Talaq
  • Financial Settlements in Divorce – for example, recovering the ‘Mahr’ and wedding jewellery
  • Forced marriages and nullity of marriage
  • Children – including Parental Responsibility, Contact and Residence issues
  • Islamic Mediation
  • Sharia compliant Prenuptial agreements

Unrivalled support from our international divorce solicitors

The rise in cross border marriage has inevitably led to a rise in divorce cases where business, children and nationality issues can create complex legal challenges. There can be doubt in which country proceedings should be dealt with and there is even the question of whether overseas marriages are even valid in the UK.

The complications can add undue extra stress in an already emotionally difficult time, so it’s comforting to have a specialist Carter Law international divorce solicitor on your side.

We can put you in contact with overseas lawyers if necessary and give you the very best advice to protect you and your family’s best interests.

Making complex matters simple

International law can be a complex area of law, so it’s important to get the expertise of an experienced international law solicitor who can guide you through the process with professionalism and care. Our international lawyers have helped many clients across all aspects of international family law.

Some of the considerations that Carter Law can help with include

  • Relocation of children
  • Protecting offshore businesses
  • Freezing assets to prevent movement to another jurisdiction
  • Validity checks in the UK for overseas marriages

At every stage, you’ll be kept up to date with the progress of your case, explaining your options in plain English to help you make tough decisions from an informed standpoint. You can also trust our international lawyers to have the experience and expertise you require to help you finalise your overseas arrangements.