Immigration & UK Visa Advice Service

Immigration & UK Visa Advice

If you want to come to the UK for whatever the reason, or if you are already here and want to extend you stay, or perhaps make it permanent, then there are certain complexities that you need to be aware of.

Our immigration and UK visa advice service will help you ensure that you chose the right path through the UK’s complicated system of immigration law.

Applying for your UK visa

Application forms for visas can be time consuming and expensive, especially if you get in wrong or apply for the wrong visa. To assist, you can try our easy to use visa wizard (link).

You may feel confident in filling in the application and just want a specialist to check it over before you send it off, ensuring that it has been filled in correctly.

Take the Right Options – Immigration Advice Service

However, if you want to discuss your options before you begin the process then we would advise talking to one of our immigration specialists. This can be done in person at our office in Manchester or via Skype or Telephone appointment.

Our immigration advice package involves face to face consultation with one of our specialist immigration advisors. During the consultation we can establish:

  • The correct application you need to make
  • Eligibility
  • What documentation you will need to provide
  • Timescales and fees
  • And importantly, your prospects of success

Book your Consultation

Details of your consultation can be confirmed in writing to you after the consultation has concluded.

Our immigration solicitors are highly qualified in all areas of UK immigration law, including the visa application process, dealing with the home office and asylum legislation.

Carter Law’s UK Visa Advice Service Means Peace of Mind for You

Carter Law have recruited and trained the very best personnel from around the country, boasting many decades of experience in the changing landscape of immigration and asylum law. Whether you are a private individual or a business with foreign employees, Carter Law will maximise your chances of success with minimal stress.

Our advice package provides you with face to face consultation with a multi lingual immigration solicitor, backed up with written legal advice. Rest assured you will receive full discretion and confidentiality at competitive prices.

Multi-lingual Legal Advice

Our advisors are able to discuss your case in Urdu, Punjabi, Italian, Polish, Russian, Mandarin and many other languages. Just ask if you would like to conduct your consultation in any other language, and we will be able to provide an advisor who can speak with you or an interpreter.

If you require help making an application, would like Carter Law to fully manage your case then you can utilise our full application package.

Book an Immigration Advice Consultation

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to book a consultation with one of our experienced and knowledgeable immigration advisors. We’re here to offer you help and ensure that you visa application has the best chance of success.

Remember, in addition to face-to-face consultations in Manchester, we’re able to offer our immigration advice service over Skype and telephone too.

To book a consultation with an immigration solicitor, please call us on 0844 414 0667