UK Visa Appeals & Immigration Judicial Review

UK Visa Appeals & Immigration Judicial Review

“What happens if my visa application is refused?”

Unfortunately, sometimes visa applications are refused. This could be for all manner of reasons, such as administrative errors, the wrong visa being applied for or by not meeting the eligibility criteria.

Thankfully, our immigration solicitors are on-hand to assist you in launching a UK visa appeal if your application has been refused.

Judicial Review for Immigration Cases

Whilst it is not always possible to appeal against such decisions, in some circumstances, it is possible to instigate an administrative or judicial review. An immigration judicial review is a procedure by which a court can review an administrative action by a public body and secure a declaration, order, or award on a previously rejected visa application.

Being granted a judicial review is the first step to getting a decision overturned.

Dealing with the UK Border Agency is not an easy process; Carter Law advises that you take legal advice from one of our immigration specialists to give you the best chances of success in having the decision regarding your rejected visa application overturned.

Carter Law’s Immigration Appeal & Judicial Review Service Consists of;

  • Practical advice and assistance with your review or appeal
  • An assessment on the merits of your case
  • Preparation of your case and lodging you appeal
  • Representation at the hearing

Our immigration solicitors are highly qualified in all areas of immigration, including the application process, dealing with the home office and asylum legislation.

We have successfully argued and won many appeals and have vast experience dealing with the first tier and upper tribunal of the Immigration and Asylum Chamber.

Contact us to Discuss UK Visa Appeals

If your visa application has been rejected and you’d like to appeal the decision regarding your UK visa, then please do not hesitate to contact Carter Law. Our immigration solicitors have a great deal of expertise in appealing rejected applications and have the necessary experience to handle especially complicated cases.

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