Slips & Trips

Let us handle your slip and trip compensation claim

Everyone knows that accidents can happen. But we also know that most accidents can be avoided, and you are owed a duty to be kept safe from trips and slips in public places or commercial premises like shops. From simple bruises to broken bones or worse, the effects of a slip or trip can be serious and long-lasting. You may even find yourself under financial pressures due an inability to work.

Carter Law personal injury solicitors are experts in handling slip and trip claims and have helped many people gain access to specialised medical treatment and secured financial compensation. They can help you claim compensation for injuries suffered slipping, tripping or falling in a public place. We will assess whether to claim against an occupier’s public liability insurance policy or a local authority and deal with everything for you.

Our expertise at your fingertips

If you think you have slipped or tripped and it wasn’t your fault, our expert team will investigate the circumstances surrounding your accident, helping to find witnesses and uncovering who is to blame. They will give you clear, honest advice on your chances of a successful claim and if we think you have a claim, they will work tirelessly to reach the best possible outcome for you, based on years of experience.

We can also provide you access to specialist physiotherapy or other therapies to aid your rehabilitation and ensure you get the optimum financial compensation to pay your bills and put a difficult situation behind you once and for all.

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