Pedestrian Accident Claims

Pedestrian Accident Claims

Thousands of people are injured on or near roads in the UK every year after being hit by a car or other vehicle. The injuries sustained by pedestrians vary significantly, but the consequences are often serious, both physically and emotionally.

You may have the opportunity to make a pedestrian accident claim for compensation if you’ve been injured whilst travelling on foot.

Claim Pedestrian Accident Compensation with Our Solicitors

Our pedestrian accident solicitors have vast experience in getting compensation and private medical care for pedestrians injured while crossing the road or simply walking on the pavement.

We understand the specific needs of pedestrians and work tirelessly to fight for your legal rights. We can support you through the difficult period post-injury, getting you the medical attention you require and fast access to financial help.

Are you a Pedestrian Who Was Involved in an Accident? You Could Claim Compensation

Once we have established the details of your pedestrian accident claim, we work to collect as much information as possible as evidence to support your claim, such as full witness statements, photographic evidence and police statements. Our specialist pedestrian injury solicitors will get your case moving, keeping you informed of the progress every step of the way.

We know that getting the right result involves a lot more than just compensation, so we will help you get access to any specialised medical care, rehabilitation, or home changes you require to live your life long-term. We’ll also ensure that your pedestrian accident claim reflects the pain, suffering and financial hardship of an injury that wasn’t your fault.

 There is no financial risk to you if you claim for an accident as a pedestrian. By making a no win, no fee pedestrian accident claim you can ensure that you receive access to justice regardless of your financial position. If you do not win your case, you do not pay a penny.

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