Which UK Visa Do I Need to Apply for?

UK Visa Application Services

Which purpose best describes the reason for your visa application?

  • join-familyTo Join Family
  • join-spouseTo Join Spouse
  • join-FianceTo Join Fiance
  • workTo Work (High-Value Migrant)
  • workTo Work (Skilled Worker)
  • workTo Work (Temporary Worker)
  • studyTo Study
  • short-tern-visitShort Term Visit or Tourism
  • business-purposesFor Business Purposes
  • refugeeTo Seek Refuge or Asylum

What is your level of English?

  • I do not speak English
  • I do not understand the question
  • I have a basic understanding
  • I have a moderate understanding
  • I am a fluent speaker
  • English is my native language

Have you stayed in the country on an expired visa?

  • Currently overstaying
  • Previously overstayed
  • Never overstayed

Which of these best fits your current nationality?

  • Europe-EEAEurope EEA
  • Europe-NON-EEAEurope non-EEA
  • North-AmericaNorth America
  • South-AmericaSouth America
  • Aus-NZAustralia and New Zealand
  • AsiaAsia
  • AfricaAfrica


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